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Faceted search for private projects and teams.

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All your documentation in one place

One searchbox to find knowledge across all your projects and repositories

Fantastic search

Lightning fast, typo resiliant, full-text and faceted search.

Zero hassle

We host your docs so you can get back to work.


Supports Sphinx, mkdocs, asciidoctor and more.

How it works

1. Generate docs

You generate your docs locally or in your CI pipeline, using your preferred tool for generating them.

2. Upload ZIP

You upload a ZIP file of your HTML docs to Docsy with a single terminal command.

3. Profit!

We host your HTML docs and make them searchable. You can upload ZIP files for any number of projects, they will all be searchable from the same place.

One Search to rule them All

One searchbox to find knowledge across all your projects and repositories

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These people love Docsy!

When you get used to a good search, it's impossible to go back to browsing.

Having one place to start searching for an answer about anything related to working at our company makes onboarding a much more pleasant experience.
Marbe Ralozo
HR Manager
Now I can more easily find patterns and utilities that already exist in our codebase so I can prevent code duplication.
Nejc Zupan
Code Quality Officer
I no longer have to consult three different documentation systems to brush up on the operational issue of the day. With Docsy, I can refresh my memory with a click.
Dejan Murko
Project Lead

Docsy is not ready yet :-(

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